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(no subject)
I'm sending out the last pics of our local birds. I wonder if I will see any new birds on this trip? It's getting harder to see new ones in the same old areas.

We are so lucky with the milder weather this year! For the first time, we are leaving in daylight and non-freezing temps! Yayyyy!

I'll be in touch as we travel; I hope to have some good pics to post.
My favorite tiny woodpecker

The Red-Belliied is my prettiest large woodpecker.

This is the first Starling I've had come to the feeder in a long time.

Still have a bunch of Blue Jays around

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal always come around, they've become good at using the feeder and not just the ground.

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what wonderful wonderful pictures!


Glad you look and glad you like them. I'm thinking of you and your upcoming surgery and sending out prayers. Love, Kitty

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