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We had a terrific wind storm last night; even our bbq blew over! Fortunately, it didn't break. The garbage cans and one plastic chair had migrated all over the back yard!

We were out earlier, seeing "Sherlock Holmes; A Game of Shadows" (excellent movie) but were lucky to be home before the big storm.

I got a NOOK for Christmas! Today, I'm going to a Nook tutorial at Barnes and Noble to learn how to make the most of it. I've already downloaded 3 books into it to take away on our trip. Now I want to learn if I can connect with our library to borrow books  on my NOOK. ^_^

Everyone had a most enjoyable Christmas. We exchanged our gifts (for some reason, most of them had our grandson's name on them). Maybe Santa thought he was the only person in the house? We ate too much goodies and had a really nice time. Now the next food-eating marathon is New Years Eve!

Bought this at the Cradle of Aviation Christmas Tree show. All the easily edible parts are gone now. ^_^
Patty, Dan and Andy
Brian, Dan and Andy
Louis and Kevin playing with their gifts.
Leaving for home; everything has been opened and eaten.
The Three Clarke brothers (Brian had to leave early; he worked the next day)

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wonderful Pictures! Thanks for sharing! All the best for the new year

All the best to you, too. I hope it's a peaceful, happy one. *hugs*

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