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blooming creosote bushthe archI'm all ears!a cliff in the park (and our car)Teddy Bear Cholla flowerWe're close to the border old copper minemall designed by man who founded Ajothe mallAjo bookstore walllast border checkpoint, I think, we'll go thruon the road to Quartzsiteblooming palo verde; I think it means "green stick"saddled horses on the road"Q" for QuartzsiteTyson's well sitemosaic representation of the well wateranother roadside memorialHedgehog cactusteddy bear cholla; don't hug it!bring water on this walk or you'll die!
I was really tired last night, so I didn't go online. Yesterday, we took the long drive thru Organ Pipe Monument. Because of all the rain this past winter, everything is blooming. Cane cholla, Teddy Bear cholla, Hedgehog Cactus, Creosote bushes, Brittlebrush, bluebonnets, desert chicory, orange globe mallow, many more beautiful flowers. The road is dirt and gravel and goes UP and Down, so the 21 mile drive took a long time. We hiked up to the arch and had lunch under a remada made of ocotillo branches. I found some small quartz crystals just laying on the ground. At one of the overlooks, we could see Mexico in the distance. After our drive, we visited the old copper mine in Ajo. This was a mining town from the 20's until the 80's. Now it is mostly a retirement town, with not much else to do. The couple who ran the museum told us that Ajo is considered the hottest drug spot in the U.S. right now, because it's only about 7 miles from Mexico. There are 300 Border Patrol in the area and the gov't. wants to put in 100 more. They will be able to hold hands and cover the whole border! Much in the town is closed; we were going to have dinner in "Ajo in the Wall Grill" but it was closed down. (Ajo is pronounced "Aho", so it is a joke, see). Instead, we had take-out from the Dairy Queen, which was very good. Earlier in the day, a fighter jet flew through the mountains in Organ Pipe; while we waited for our food, one flew over the nearby Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range and dropped a bomb!  Today, we drove to Quartzsite, AZ, the place where hundreds of r.v.ers come in the winter, as it's always warm. In fact, most of Quartzsite is r.v. parks. We walked the main drag and I bought 2 gemstone necklaces and a gorgeous rock from Brazil called carborandam; it's all colors. We drove around outside town a bit and on the way back, a small flock of green and gold flies rocketed against our windshield! We are doing our laundry and then we will just relax and play cards or watch a movie.

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I'm missing so much, including that bunny-cactus and all that lovely cholla to chew. I used to sell a lot of chewy-cholla in my shop!

Cholla (hoy-a), properly de-spined, can be very toothsome. There is even cactus jelly and cactus syrup in the shops.

This is so cool. What a great way to share as you go along. Looks like you've really had a full trip, so many sights!

Hi: I'm having a lot of fun doing it, and it sure beats e-mailing the same thing to lots of people one at a time.(=^-^=)

Hi Kitty!

I am really enjoying your pics and journal.

The Dag and me talk often about buying an RV, putting the bunns in and taking off for parts unknown. hahahah

Enjoy Yourselves!

Deborah and the BUnns

I'm sure you and the buns would love it! It's a great way to see the country. (=^-^=)

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