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(no subject)
For many years, I made a collection of Santas to hang on our tree. I carefully cut around the Santas we received on our Christmas cards, poked a hole in them with a needle, put thread thru the hole and hung them on the tree branches. I must have ended up with several hundreds in all.

Now it was time to thin out their ranks, since I rarely put them up; ornaments took up all the space. So I kept one of the first ones I created, from 1971 and one of the last ones from 2005.

Here they are; I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May your holiday be wonderful! Love, Nancy and Ken.
1971 Santa.....
                          and his 2005 counterpart. 


                                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS!

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Love the Santas! Hoppiest of Holidays my friend!

And the same to you, Hare. I hope your New Year is a wonderful year,my friend.

I remember that old santa carrying the tree!

I saved 3 others, also, one of them being the one you drew so many years ago. Louis asked why Santa had a pegleg and I explained that Santa's foot was just pointing forward as he walked. ^_~

I love this idea! If Greg ever lets me do multiple trees, I think I'll start one. If not, maybe I'll do a Santa garland! Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all of you! I had a lot of fun saving and cutting out those Santas. It was like schnirrenshnipping. (Is that how it's spelled)?

I love the photo of Santa Claus with a Christmas tree on his shoulder.
Dad don't make illumination on my burrow this year ,he made a christmas tree , just for me , in the burrow.

Emy Rose

And it is beautiful! I saw the pics.

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