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(no subject)
We're enjoying the company of Louis again this weekend. Took him out to Smokey Bones to eat his fill (an impossibility) and maybe to a movie tomorrow.

He conquered the back yard and made it the state of Louis and he opened a coconut he found walking with Ken on the beach.
He designed and made the flag.
The best way to shatter a coconut.
Almost open......... 
                              We suggested it might be best not to eat it; no telling how long it was in the ocean. Maybe it came from a Caribbean island!

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Cool Pics and an interesting coconut! Hugs, Hare

Hi Deborah,
We weren't able to comment directly on Mr Fritz's 'Night before Christmas' post, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We liked the story itself, and you have a good storytelling voice. We passed it on to another animal-loving friend, who, although a cat person, said much the same.
It'll be a hard Christmas without bunnies for you - I'm down to one now: she's elderly, but fit and well. Unfortunately we know how quickly this can change, but I'm blessed and grateful to have her.
Thanks again,
Maria and Friska.

Hi Maria & Friska!
Thanks so much for your comments. That meant a lot to me.
Hoppy Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy the time together and take lots and lots of pictures!

Love, Hare

is there any message in the coconut ?


No, but it made us think of sunshine and palm trees and warm ocean water!

It's fun to find something that might have floated for thousands of miles.

Hare, I hope that you'll find comfort in the many happy memories you have of your buns. Love, dodgecitykitty.

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