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(no subject)
Listening to my "Ebony Eyes ChrisMoose" cd and wrapping Christmas presents. It's colder out today, so I'm getting in the mood. I found some more tiny plastic candy canes for our tree. Now it's looking pretty well trimmed.

In our yard, the hawks have been killing the doves that come to our feeder in the back yard. All I find are drifts of feathers all across the grass. No body parts, thank goodness. I feel like my yard is an allegory of a political debate!

Here's some the birds that made it; I think doves are probably slower moving and slower witted than the other birds.

Imprint of a dove; they crash into the windows a lot.
There are lots of Blue Jays around again; for quite a few years, there weren't any.
My Red Breasted Woodpecker.
He's very cautious.
This, I think, is the Downy Woodpecker. (My bird book is in the r.v. and it's cold outside).
He's so small and so pretty.

I am warming up the house by baking cookies; trying out a recipe I got from Chef Charlie at the library. If they turn out well, I'm taking them as gifts on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Guess we'll be forced to eat these prototypes.

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Blue jays look fantastic!

Aren't they beautiful? For a good number of years, we did not see any around our area; now they seem to be back in nice numbers. Another bird which has left our immediate area and moved closer to the seashore is the red winged blackbird. They were the first bird to return in the spring, even before the robin. Now they are never in our backyard.

I get such pleasure from watching the birds.

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