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(no subject)
It's finally turned cold; I guess my garden work is over for this year. Today is especially grey outside; we expect rain tomorrow and the next day.

My squirrels are eating up the suet cakes as fast as I can put them out. They don't even mind getting their tails wet to reach them.
I buy them the peanutty ones.

Drinking water, also!

After he gets his tail thoroughly wet, he'll hang on a tree branch updside down and wave his tail in the air to dry it.
Good to the last bite!
This is the Thanksgiving turkey our son cooked for us. Yum!

Louis playing with Molly on Thanksgiving Day. That's how warm it was outside; shirtsleeves!

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That's a big turkey, auntie!

We decimated it! Amazing what 12 people can do to a 24 lb. bird.

Sue used to name all our squirrels - she claimed she could tell them apart!

I tend to think they're all the same one. ^_^

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