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Today we have plans to go to the Cradle of Aviation (where we saw the Christmas trees a few weeks ago) and see an exhibit of model trains; then go out to dinner with another couple.

(We ended up eating at Famous Dave's BBQ, a delicious experience).

Before that , Santa made his annual ride down our block on the fire engine, along with his helpers. He gave us two candy canes, which are now hanging on our tree. Tomorrow, I plan on putting the rest of the decorations on.
Santa and one of his happy reindeer.
One of Santa's faithful helpers, the one who gives out the candy.
Love that Christmas!
This happy snowlady is flanked by 2 candy canes!

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Hi, can I ask a couple of questions about California? I think you have seen condors over there? we are thinking about a holiday visiting San Francisco, Monteray Bay, Yosemiti and the Pinacles National Monument. The thinking behind the latter is that it might be a good place to see condors. Would that be correct or are there better places?

The one place I've seen condors was in Grand Canyon National Park. I know they are in CA, but I couldn't tell you where. Sorry.

wonderful wonderful pics!

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