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(no subject)
Louis, Ken and I took a trip to the Cradle of Aviation Museum near us to see their annual Christmas tree display. There were some 35 trees in all, decorated by members of the local community and all for sale. However, bidding started at $200, which is a bit steep for me. Good thing we already have a tree; our faithful artificial evergreen.

There were a lot of vendors there; I bought all of us a Santa cookie (which turned out to be very sweet)! and a large gingerbread house, which we'll eat after Christmas. I feel sure Louis is up to the challange of eating an entire house.

Here's the trees I liked best.......the first pic is the large tree in the entrance, where Santa was sitting.This one was decorated with comic strips from the newspaper....
with Snoopy in his doghouse on the top.
                                                                   One of the cute ornaments.A tree of Santas! I love Santas!All the ornaments on this tree were origami ornaments!So intricate!Another Santa tree!Even an Easter Christmas tree......with buns!Merry Christmas!

By the way, we are having Spring-like weather here; we're outside in short sleeves again! Incredible! Is it really almost December?

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It's been hot here too, auntie.

Is it the controversial global warming/climate change or just a crazy whim of Ma Nature?

I don't know but it's dark, wet and windy today....

It's actually wet, dark and windy here today also. But the rain waited until we were all at home to start, so that's okay.

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