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(no subject)
We had a great Thanksgiving at our son's; for the first time in 5 years, all 4 of our boys and our grandson were there and our daughter-in-law, Patty.

I remember years ago, feeling the richest I've ever felt when I had enough money to buy an extra set of sheets for everyone's bed, so I  didn't have to wait for the laundry to be done before I could make up the beds again. Now that was thankful!

We met the newest members of the family, our granddogs Roscoe and Molly. They are so cute and so playful. Molly is much more rambunctious than Roscoe. We had such fun with them all day. Here's my newest loves.......

Brother and sister kisses. ^_^

Molly's on the left; Roscoe's on the right.

She laid her head on him and went to sleep; then her head slid to the floor and she went on sleeping!
They love their backyard. (Following Dad and Mom around)
Roscoe looking like a hunting dog.
Louis was in his glory, having a dog to play with. 

Molly spilled their food and they liked eating it off the floor much more than eating from the bowls.

Roscoe going flat out to get all the pieces under the tray.

The pups were exhausted and happy by the end of the day. Besides all the loving and handling, they had fun following the cat, Jilly, around as she tried to escape them!

I hope everyone had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did!

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Thanks for the wonderful Pics!

I always love sharing my life with you all.

They are gorgeous! Reminds Mum of the Gramps dog when it was little. She's a ginger and white Cocker Spaniel called Spice.

Roscoe and Molly are Springer Spaniels; I like all the Spanial breeds; they have such nice forms and personalities.

they are very cute dogs.

Mum and Dad think they will have another Newfoundland , in some while.

2foots had a rabbit named Molly, she was very mischievous and very cuddly.

Emy Rose

Newfoundlands are gorgeous; like cuddly bears. My cat was named Molly. She was aloof, like many cats, until she grew old. Then she liked to sit on my lap.

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