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(no subject)
We had the pleasure of our grandson this past weekend. Went ot see "Puss and Boots", surprisingly fun. Went also to the Maritime Museum in Seaford; saw lots of old boats. Each year, on the last Friday in Oct. they have a boat burning of an old boat too damaged to restore. We've never managed to get there yet, but I have hopes for next year.

This Friday, if the weather is still nice, I want to put up the Christmas lights before we get really cold days. So far, it's still been lovely; but today, it's raining again.

We'll be eating turkey at our youngest son's house, with his wife, her family and their 2 new Springer Spaniel pups. The dogs will keep our grandson amused, I'm sure.

Here's a few more pics from Old Westbury Gardens; the place had so much to take photos of!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Wether you celebrate or not, have a wonderful day!

the manor house
                                 The front door. (wonder if it's real gold leaf? I wouldn't be surprised)

The steps leading up from the pond.
A marvelous tree in back of the house. Perhaps planted when the house was built?

The sun porch: on nice days, those glass walls descended all the way into the basement! Those were the days, before income taxes, when the rich were really rich.

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what's the name of the two dogs ? and what are they ,boy or girl ?


Their names are Roscoe and Molly and they are CUTE! I'm posting some pics right now.

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