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Last night we stayed in Benson, AZ.  Coyotes were barking and howling all around us after midnight. We are driving to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. There are many cactus all over the hills and many Border Patrol all over the roads, as the park is only 7 miles from Mexico. We got there by driving thru the huge Tohano O'odham Indian reservation. The roads were lined with brittlebrush, bluebonnets, buckwheat, penstemon and jumping cholla cactus. There were lots of little shrines along the road for the ones who have died in cars on the road. There was a small casino on the res; Golden Hasan Casino. We may try it tomorrow. Ever heard of Truth or Consequences, N.M.? The town named itself after the old t.v. game show. Here in AZ is the town of WHY. Why? Who knows? We checked in at our campground in Ajo, then rode to Organ Pipe. There used to be 2 drives in the park, but the one which goes so near to the Mexican border ( and passes old copper mines) is closed to the public now, because it's so close to the border. When we leave here, we'll have to go thru yet another checkpoint to make sure we're not smuggling illelegals in our r.v.! We had our dinner in "Bill's Roadhouse" of which the best we could say was that the people were very friendly and we didn't have to cook the food ourselves. There is a Shriner's convention here in the campground and we saw some Mexican boys and girls dressed in native costume who were going to dance for the Shriners.  More pics to enjoy! Indian trading postreservation hillssaguaro on the hillsidethe roads are uneven!ocotillo; it loses it's leaves in dry weatherocotillo flowerjumping chollatwo Ajo churchessaguaroshelter of ocotillo stalksorgan pipe cactushedgehog cactus and dead saguaroroadside memorialWhy, Arizona

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I'm going to check my appointment diary to see if/when I can return and share in your adventures...

Do come; I would have such fun showing you America. (=^-^=)

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