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(no subject)
Our esteemed government is running a 4-hour, first-ever, nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and they have co-opted our t..v. It is currently just a useless box with a black screen with the words "This Is Only A Test" running across it. Can't even play a dvd on it!  It's a good thing I have books to read.

Here's 2 old pics of Ken and me standing in front of the edge of a glacier on Mount Rainier in Washington State, some years ago. This was in July!

I do love snow!

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I bunder if I should go camping across the Pond next time...?

You'd love it. We have lots of stones in the shape of mountains to climb; deserts and glaciers and rivers and lakes and anything you can imagine. Do come! You can sleep in our tin tent.

My pet 2-foots have been up Mount Hood

we've been up Mount Rainier, Cadillac Mountain and Haleakela. Not all walking, mind you. Lots of driving involved there.

My Goodness! Y'all have so many adventures!

we just run all over the country! We're fortunate to have friends and relatives scattered in different states, so there's always someone to visit. I do love to travel!

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