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We've had several nice sunny and warm days in a row lately. At night, there've been a few hard frosts, which seems to be bringing out more color in the tree leaves. The yellows have gotten a lot brighter, making the days glow.

Took a ride down to Fire Island State Park, where we saw lots of geese trimming the grass and some of the deer helping also.
The Fire Island Lighthouse

I like to see wildlife obeying the signs.
Only females seemed to be around; another case of love 'em and leave 'em?
The deer are not afraid of the cars at all.
They all seem to be in good shape for the coming winter. No one is allowed to feed them anymore, so the population is self-sustaining.

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Thanks! It's such a treat to see the deer. They are so used to people and cars. At one time, people could feed them, but now it's against the law. Ceer were approaching cars and getting hit and killed.

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