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(no subject)
Here's the latest influx of Grackles; my front and back yard were literally paved with them!

The back yard

                                The front yard

Every dark spot is a Grackle.
I thing I fed every Grackle in Suffolk County!

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here, when it is very cold there is a colony of Starlings landed in the garden and in one hour they eat what other birds eat in one day

Emy Rose

We get starlings here, also. They generally come in big flocks. Sometimes, large groups of them fly across the sky. There was a video on the 'net recently showing thousands of them wheeling in the sky,looking like a tornado cloud. They were flocking to one of their winter refuges. Amazing to see so many birds at once. We've watched large groups of tree swallows wheel and circle like that, in Montauk Point, New York and in Florida.

Aren't they beautiful when the sun brings out the colors of their plumage?

So many birds are like that; no real colors until the suns rays hit them.

Their shape is good too. Don't think we have anything quite like that.

They look very streamlined, don't they? I think they're an attractive bird.

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