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It's snowing out! In October!!!  Granted, it's not sticking except on the roof and the grass, but still, SNOW! in OCTOBER!!! Upstate will get some inches, so I hear. Maybe those rumors about a severe winter are more than just rumors! The camera can't capture it too well, but this is our snowstorm.

I've also included a photo from many winters ago. My Mother, my brother and myself in front of our house in Queens Village.

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I have not seen snow yet .
Mum says it's very nice and pleasant, Mum and Dad love the snow.
Dad says, may be we can see the snow in Germany in December,may be we will be see the Christmas markets in Alsace and Germany in December.
we don't know what the weather will be this winter in Normandy .
it's always fun to see old photos.

Emy Rose

This was the extent of our snow. Many towns upstate and in New England got a lot of snow and some power outages on top of it. Today, it's WINDY and cold. It looks like this may be a cold, snowy winter, more than usual.

You will love the snow if you get to play in some. I love it.

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