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Today was mostly a travel day. We drove from Deming, N.M. to Benson, Arizona, where we are staying for the night. Tomorrow, we will go to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Ajo, AZ. It is right on the Mexican border, so we will probably see more Border Patrol. Today, all around us as we drove, the plains and hills were covered with a blanket of gold poppies. We crossed the Continental Divide at 4585 feet. It's still pretty flat country, so there are many signs warning of possible dust storms. We passed under one a few days ago; it was like a tunnel over the road. Arizona is one of the 2 states left in the U.S. which does not adhere to Daylight Savings Time, so we are granted another 25 hour day today. When we crossed the AZ border, our time went from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m.  By the way, I have already created 7 cd's on this trip! Here's some of today's pics.the poppies!TX, NM and AZ have lots of pecan orchardsgoing thru Texas Canyon in AZthe same; huge rocks

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“Dust Storms May Exist”? Or they may not, I guess. That's a rather strange sign.

Well, it all depends on the wind whether or not the state will blow away.

I wish I was still sitting on your knee and sharing it all with you....

Wistful Niece Maddie X

It would be fun for you; I've seen several wild buns and the flowers are enchanting. Bet they taste good, too.

Blimey if you read all those signs you'd be lucky to still be on the road!

They make them really big and really bright, so you can't miss them. And usually, it's the passenger (me) who reads them and takes pics of them.

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