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We made the first fire of the season in the wood stove today; smelled good and took the chill out of the air. When it's sunny out, it's still warm, but when there's no sun, you can tell that cold weather is just around the corner.

I have been using my huge fabric bubble wand (given to me by my son Dan about 20 years ago) to blow huge bubbles every day. If there is a little wind, they soar to the heights. Otherwise, they crash on the grass pretty quickly. But either way, I always enjoy blowing those bubbles!

This year, for the first time, old New York State, the king of taxes, did not insist that we buy the new black and gold license plates, We were given a CHOICE as to wether or not we wanted to spend the extra $25! Needless to say, I kept my old ones. I can't believe the state let the opportunity to charge us more money slip by.

Tonight, it's off to the library again to learn about the history of Election Day Cakes and eat some cake and drink some cider! Yaaayyy!

Here's an old pic I came across, from my first passport. That's Andy with me, on our way to England. ^_^Was I ever really that young?

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We let you into England? =;-)

Which bits did you visit?

My bruvver, who lived there at the time. We went to London to see "Fiddler on the Roof"; all thru Harrogate (where he lived); walked on the moors; went to Ilkley, Otley, Hull, Hornsea, York (saw the Queen); Bolton's Abbey; and Wales! Loved every moment of it!

What a lovely pic! Methinks I see an artistic gleem in Andy's eye. GRIN

Andy was always an artist and a linguist from the time he was little. First child and all that; he did everything.

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