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(no subject)

Here's some pics I took of Merry and Ringo while I was waiting for the broadband people to come to Andy's house....MerryRingoThe two of them frozen in place, because they could hear the strange voices from the men in the cellar.Munching on carrot tops.

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I'm down to one bunny now:
I'm not too sure whether she makes as much 'mess' as two bunnies (heck, it's largely only hay), or whether I've just given up caring!
Merry and Ringo look wonderful - enjoy your buns! Housework is very over-rated!
Love Maria and Friska.

They DO love to toss their hay around.

Hello Merry and Ringo

We miss you...


Dame Maddie CBE

Hugs and kisses back. Mr. Andy now has broadband, but no more time than he had before. Perhaps some day he will take up Live Journal again. In the meantime, I'll try and post their pics now and then.^_^

always love Merry and Ringo pics.. I remember whe nRingo was a Bear. He lawyas looked like a Ringo to me and he is a Starr after all!.

Hugs, Hare

Yeah, Merrywine Brandybuck and Ringo Starr are doing well. They were so funny when the men installing the brosdband were in the cellar. They could hear their voices thru the vent and they were in frozen hiding mode. They wouldn't even move when I waved carrot tops at them!

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