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(no subject)

Being an older person who had chicken pox many years ago (when I was 3), I got myself a Shingles shot yesterday. Now I will not be shingled like my roof!

Actually, the shot is supposed to give a certain level of immunity and will cut the pain considerably if I do have someone come and shingle me. After dealing with the crazy pain of my injured sciatic nerve throughout June, July and August, I thought the shot was a good idea.

Now my arm hurts again, even though the needle was hair-thin. Nothing like the Tetanus shot I got a few weeks ago; that one made my arm hurt for 2 weeks!

It's rainy Fall today; trees are beginning to show their true colors.(Cue up Cindy Lauper). Tonight I will go to my library and watch the Baking Coach make pumpkin bread and then I will eat said bread! Yum!

Last weekend, our grandson made himself a staff from a branch of one of our apple trees. He became a wizened traveler leaning on his staff.the creating....finished product...the wise traveler!

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When Mum had a vaccine, it was always prick in the buttocks, that hurts less.

Did louis carved his initials in his staff ?

Emy Rose.

I think it's probably quicker and more private to use the arm. Hurts, though!

Louis didn't carve his staff, but since he left it here (I don't think his Dad would appreciate a staff in their new home), when he returns I'll suggest personilization.

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