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(no subject)
It's been regular Fall weather here; showers off and on and the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn. The World Series is almost upon us again and once again my team, the Mets, are in the cellar. Like Doris Kearns Goodwin, I "Wait Till Next Year".

Louis has gone home and the house is back to normal, though he may be back next weekend if his school closes for Columbus Day.

We will make one more day trip to Montauk Point to visit friends who stay there until the end of November. Brrrrrr!

I have finished washing up all the bedcovers from the r.v. and will put them back in as soon as it comes back from having it's leak fixed. Hope it doesn't cost too much; my car needed $1100 dollars of repairs since August!

I found a few more Montauk pics on my camera, so here they are.The famed motel that the Rolling Stones used in one of their songs.The oldest cattle ranch in the U.S. circa 1658This is the fabled "Blue Moon" (It's a beer)When we got home, this is what was left of our giant puffball mushroom.

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here the overwhelming warm is go away,it's better.
Now it's starting to look like autumn , leaves begin to fall.
this is the favorite season of Mum


Fall is my favorite time also. The leaves turn beautiful colors, the humidity is gone and it's still sunny and warm enough for only a sweater or maybe no sweater at all. Plus there are all the fall flowers to look at.

What an astonishing photo! The blue of the lake is staggering!

Yeah fantastic. I did wonder if they might have enriched the colour, but hopefully not!

No, that's the way it looked.

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