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We're spending our last night in Rockhound Park. It is so quiet and peaceful here; we look our over a vast valley. You can see any cars (and there aren't many) coming for miles. To get here, we passed through another border patrol checkpoint, because we're only a stone's throw away from Palomas, Mexico. Drug sniffing dogs and all. While we were here, we collected a lot of nice rocks with crystals in them. Everyone is allowed to take out 15 pounds of rock. The Mexican poppies are blooming all over the hills and a pair of Cassin's Finches have a nest in  a sotol plant right outside our r.v. window. When the wind blows up from the valley, you hear it coming before it reaches you and it brings the sweet smell of the flowers with it. I saw several Gambel's Quail here, a brand new bird for me. flowers on the hillsour campsite from the top of the hillfemale and male Cassin's Finch on cholla cactusphainopepla (silky flycatcher)Mexican poppies on the mountainmale Gambel's Quailcliffs outside of parkonly picture I could get of a phyrroluxia

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What a diverse (thats a very clever werd for a bun!) planet we are in. Everything is very green here in Somerset in the UK.

The flowers look nommy!

Isn't the world amazing! We were so lucky to be in this spot at the right moment, to see this blooming which might not happen again for years. ( I think you would enjoy the Mexican poppies; they were as soft as velvet.

Looks like nice country!

It's gorgeous! I love the endless space out here. We overlooked the whole valley and the town of Deming. It was so quiet most of the time, no traffic sounds, only the sound of the wind heading up the valley. You would like it.(=^-^=)

That's what I love about it. Having lived all my life where I can only see across the street, the vastness is marvelous.

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