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Had 2 friends we met on our Alaska trip over yesterday. It was a beautiful day for most of it, only clouding over later on. Ate too much food as usual, including homemade brownies brought by our guests.

Wandered over to the local horseball tournament in camp later and schmoozed with some friends. In the night, it rained. More rain also this morning. In fact, rain is predicted right through Sunday. We may leave here a day early because of that. Fishing has been non-existant, except for some Sea Robins. Our neighbor across the way cooked up a bunch of them and gave everyone a taste. Not bad; Ken has been using them for bait all these years. Now we may start cooking them.

On a sad note, our son's dog, Jake, died of cancer this morning. Too young, only 7. A lovely Golden Retreiver. In Memoriam, Jake.

Here's some views of the ocean area and Montauk town. The cliffs at the Pointthe Lighthouse, commissioned by George Washington.Main Street, MontaukMain StreetFlagpole in the CircleMonument under the flagpole

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we are sad and sorry for Jack, 7 years is really too young. This year was very sad for poor Jack.


Yes, he loved life. Always running around and licking people. Our son and his wife took the day off from work so they could be with him when he died. They were both in tears when they told us. Jake will be cremated and they will bury his ashes in their back yard. I know you've had a lot of sadness this year, also. I'm so glad that you have Emy-Rose now.

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