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(no subject)
Still cloudy and windy and cool here. I've not worn shorts in 5 days! Luckily, I have a good tan from the first warm and sunny days last week.

We had two more friends over for a visit and lunch today. Thanks to the windbreak Ken put up, we were able to sit outside even though we had some showers. The forecast does not look good for the next days. Supposed to be sunny on Sat, the day we're going home!

Drove down to the Point and walked around last night; the ocean is still pretty wavy. Sat around a huge fire in camp with all our friends and saw the hundreds of stars that can be seen here. It was the first clear night since we've been here, Sept. 10th! Not looking likely that we'll have another clear night this week.

Here's a few pics taken during the sunny days......Lounging in the sunA small camperPark sunflowersThe supply storeSunset at the Point