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(no subject)

Very windy and cold for the last few days. Many clouds, no sun. We had 2 friends over the other day; went to lunch at an Irish restaurant in town (Montauk is very Irish for some reason) and while we ate, a bagpipe band played on the street, marched in and around the restaurant and played on the street again. Fun!
Today, we went to an annual Fireman's cookout and raffle called Big Bucks. Got hamburger, hot dog, potato salad, mac salad, mussels (ugh)!, brownies, chips, ear of corn, beer, soda, wine and clam chowder for $50 a person. Along with the food came a chance to win prize money; 35 $500's; 25 $1000's; then 1 each of $10,000; $15,000; $20,000; $30,000 and $50.000. Alas, we did not win any prizes, but did a woman who won $1000. Had a lot of fun eating as much as we could eat (Ben and Jerry's ice cream also) and chatting with all the people from the campground who go every year. A lot of the food and all of the labor is donated by Montauk people.

Now we are settling in for another cool night. We'll probably read and play some cards. It's a little too windy to sit outside enjoyably.

Not having taken too many pics lately (the beach is the beach is the beach), I'll post a few older ones. Tomorrow I'll upload some which are still in the camera.

Our sweetheart, Louis!

Whoops, there was only this one pic in there. More tomorrow.