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(no subject)
We went out to brunch on Sunday at an Italian restaurant in town, then we stopped at a garage sale on the way back. I bought a carved wooden bunny and a child's book about buns. I'm going to attempt to post all the pics; don't know how successful I'll be. And that's my entry today for all you bunny lovers!

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Furhops I should buy some copies of that book, too....

Dame Maddie, I would even send you the book if you would like. All I need is an address. ^_^

I would wiggle my ears, if I could!

It's the thought that counts, you know. I can tell that your ears would wiggle.

:) I so love this!

I collect little bunny books. They make me hoppy.

THANKS for sharing Kitty!

Hoppy is good! My favorite page is the one with the bunnies all snuggled in a heap.

be hard for me to pick a favorite. all too cute!

The wooden bun will go on a shelf in my living room.

the drawings are beautiful.
long ago in a flea market, Mum had buy books with drawings of rabbits, this is " La Famille Passiflore" written by Genevieve Huriet and Loïc Jouannigot. this is very cute, they have objects and furniture shaped rabbits in their burrows.


All those buns were so cute; almost as cute as you, Emy-Rose.

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