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Today, we're in Deming, New Mexico, in Rockhound State Park. It's high on a mountain overlooking Deming. People come here to dig for semi-precious rocks. We found some nice colors of jasper and some rocks with crystals in them walking on the path. Tomorrow, we will go out with a bucket and a shovel and dig for whatever we might find. Last time we were here, I saw a walking stick, the big bug, not a wooden staff. This time is special because this area had a lot of rain this winter, which is very unusual. So now, the hills are blooming with flowers of all kinds and colors. What a treat! I hope that Death Valley is still blooming when we get there next week. I got some nice pictures of birds and saw a new bird, a Gambel Quail. Here's more pics!

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Darn people leaving graffiti everywhere! Don't they have any respect for nature? >:-P

There actually were some modern ones left by misguided people.;p

Unbelievable that they are still so clear after 600 years!

I think it's because there is not much rain here at all. It is amazing to think that people were here sketching these symbols of their lives so long ago. Most of these Indians have vanished without a trace.

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