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(no subject)
The season for flowers is just about over in my garden. Here's some of the last bloomers in Sue's flower beds.Her Tiger Lilies.....The last rose of Summer......Her Hibiscus; she's got red and white ones. (See the happy bee)?The red ones.....A golden Daylily!

I am most pleasantly shocked! After days of only permitting me to post one pic at a time, I was able to do all these at once! Don't know what changed, but I'm loving it!

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We are camping out in Montauk Point for 2 weeks. The Point is on the very end of the South Fork of Long Island, the little narrow part that juts out from the south of New York State.

It is nice here, right on the ocean. It is dry camping (no hookups). We know a lot of people here, as we have all been coming here in Sept. for many years.

It is hot and windy in the day(keeps the bugs away) and cool at night. But we hear that it is supposed to get cooler very soon. (60's in the day). I am glad I brought my sweatshirt and my rain jacket; they will keep me warm.

We did have some rain very early this morning, but hopefully no more. Nothing worse than wet sand!

Stay happy, little flower!

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