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After visiting in the Land of No Reception for a few days, I am back. Yesterday, we drove through very high winds, which made us bob and weave on the road, to Lincoln, New Mexico. Saw the place where Billy the Kid shot his way to freedom and legend. We walked the main street, which is all historical houses from the Kid's time. Then we drove (in insane winds) to the Valley of FIres; a state park which is mostly lave flow from several hundreds of years ago. The 93 year old volunteer in the Visitor Center, who's lived there all his life, told me that his mother saw the light from the Trinity atom bomb test while she was hanging out clothes before the dawn. She thought the day got bright awfully fast. His mother-in-law heard the noise, but he slept through it! We're in view of the Sacramento Mts. which are snow-capped. It is INCREDIBLY windy and cold on this plateau. We walked the nature trail through the lave fields. Next morning, it was 32 degrees outside. Today, we drove past White Sands Bombing Range to a Petroglyph Site in the Tularosa basin; between White Sands and Valley of Fires. Walked up a steep and winding trail, seeing some really good petroglyphs all along the way. We could see huge dust clouds lifting up from the ground as N.M. wafted away to the East. We drove past the White Sands Missile Range for about an hour. It's huge! When we got to our campground in Las Cruces, N.M., we drove from N.M. across the pointy part of TX into N.M. again and had dinner at the Sunland Casino and did a little gambling. Here's some more of my pics.burrowing owl from Living DesertJavelina from L.D.Prairie Dogs; L.D.Female Pronghorn Antelopecactus in succulent houseUFO museum in Roswell, N.M.Everyone loves Coke!Ken and torreon, Lincoln, N.M.  Ranger told us she as a child used to climb inside and shoot cowpies with her Daisy bb gun. And, Billy the Kid's jailhouse in Lincoln.lava field trailour Valley of Fires campsite (we are way down there)

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I think he would make a great pet, with those sleepy looking eyes.

I had sleepy eyes when I paddled across the Atlantic after visiting you...

But was it not worth it? I wish you will come over the pond again some time and we can share some more adventures.

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