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(no subject)
Here's the table my honey made for me for our deck, so I could put our old beach umbrella up when I sit in the sun. Great place to have a cup of coffee while I read. And no matter what I try, I can still only upload one pic at a time!!! :-p

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This is a nice place to have some treats or a cup of carrot juice.
when my 2foots take a cup of tea on the terrace ,they always give me a littel bit of toast .


Isn't it nice to have a terrace or porch to sit on? And, of course, treats make it all the nicer. ^_^

DCK, Is that a typical Ameribun garden fence?

The chain link one? That's pretty typical of the suburbs of some decades ago. It's being replaced little by little by PVC fencing, ehich is solid and gives more privacy. I like to have a view, however. Solid fencing is boring.

The trend round here seems to be for 6 foot high wooden fences, just incase we should be offended by the sight of a neighbour!

That's what I mean! Between the high noise-barrier fences being put up on all of our State's roads and the solid-core fences in the backyards and front yards, we all might as well be living in boxes!

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