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Today, we left our campground behind and drove 10 miles to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. It was up into the mountains and really gusty  winds blew  against the motor home. The L.D. had many animals that live in the desert here, but for various reasons, can no longer live in the wild. Some have been injured and some have been orphaned and can't survive alone. After the L.D. we drove to Roswell, across some of the flatest country you ever want to see. In all of TX and N.M. all but the very largest rivers are bone dry, like the land. There are few cattle because it takes so much land to feed just one. In Roswell, we saw the Roswell Museum and Art Center and the UFO Museum. A lot of Roswell has UFO trimmings, because it's a big tourist draw. I'm not a believer, but many, many are, it seems. Very dry here, our weather station always registers zero humidity these days. Tomorrow, we head for the Valley of Fire! Rats! I can't get anymore of my pics to upload right now. Guess I'll save them for tomorrow.