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(no subject)
This is the 70+ foot tall Maple in our backyard which shed many branches and leaves during the storm. If it ever fell over, it would take out the fence to its left or its right, both of them being ours, or take out our back fence and probably end up obstructing part of the Parkway. If it fell forward, I don't think it would reach our house, but I wouldn't like to bet on it.

This is the tree next to Sue's tree (also in the picture) which did fall down during the storm. Luckily, it fell backwards and not sideways, or Sue's tree would be no more.

I'm sure glad that hurricanes only come our way once every 20 years or so!

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We're pleased to see that Auntie Sue's tree survived the storm and is growing strong.

Yes, it's supple against the wind and all the rain will be good for it. I love that tree!

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