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(no subject)
We weathered the hurricane very well! Never lost our power, so we didn't need our battery fan or our camping light. After the rain stopped, we went out in the wind to clean up the many downed branches from our trees.

Didn't go anywhere, so I'm giving you a few older pics. Thanks to all the folks who thought of us. ^_^

and Merry.....
and a rabbit with strange facial markings in our yard.
and my small collection of pigs!

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He's thinking about it, but every time he considers it, something expensive goes wrong with the house, the car, etc....

Could he try a USB modem on a mobile phone network so that he'd only use it when needed rather than having to take out an annual broadband contract. These often provide a set amount of data for a fixed fee and could be economical if he doesn't watch lots of online videos, download lots of pics etc. I bought one of these for the grandhumans and they pay about £15 for 8 months usage. It may be different on your side of the big Pond, however....

Dame Maddie
Profeshunal shoppererer and bargain hunterererer

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