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(no subject)

Since we're expecting a lot of rain in the next few days and I know the Brits get a lot all the time, I'm sending this Hagar the Horrible comic out to all my British friends. :-D

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That is simply not true. We had a sunny day in May and another one in July!

I rest my case. Put on your wellies.

It's raining here today and Buncle J had torrential rain and funder storms overnight...

We had some small downpour last night; more to come tomorrow.

Hard rain off and on here right now; the worst should come between 6 am and 3 pm tomorrow. The winds will be more worrisome than the rain.

That just about sums this summer up, although there is promise of a nice bank holiday weekend!

I wish you a sunny weekend; we are expecting lots of rain and wind from Hurricane Irene.

Stay safe, Auntie!
Perhaps Merry and Ringo will let Mr Andy join them under the table if Irene visits them?
Love Friska.

Thank you, I will try my best. We are all prepared, as prepared as can be. We are not in the evacuation zone; not close enough to the water.

I think Merry and Ringo will make room for Andy; maybe down in the basement would be better. ^_^

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