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(no subject)
1:52 in the afternoon, sitting on the sofa in the living room. Suddenly, the sofa is swaying side to side like a slow glider; the chandeliers are swinging back and forth and the pictures on the walls are shaking around.

The Virginia earthquake! Felt all up and down the East coast and out westward also! Only the 3rd such earthquake since we've lived here, the others happening many decades ago.

Very surreal; the swaying of the sofa came and went for about half a minute. I really do believe that the Earth is trying its best to shake us off her back. *-*

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we felt it in Cincinnati too
My gosh!

Quite an unexpected occurance for us. Sitting on the sofa was like sitting on a moving swing. I'm really glad we are far from any fault line.

Yah, a small (except for VA) shaky quake felt by many; not much damage.

As long as you are ok that's all that matters.

No damage here, but quite a lot in some areas of Virginia. Also, the Washington Monument developed a crack near the top and will be closed for some time and the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. suffered some damage to its spires. Thanks for worrying. ^_^

What is the bird on your user pic?

Hi, it's an albino Grackle. First one I've ever seen. Only seen one other albino bird, a House Sparrow some years ago. It's weird how they're never all white; not like human albinos.

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