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We went to Theodore Roosevelt's Summer White House in Sag Harbor, so we could see it before it closes for renovation. The rangers give a nice narrated tour, taking you all through the downstairs and the upstairs.

Roosevelt, when he was President, paid all the expenses out of his own pocket, even paying for the travels of ambassadors to this country. Because he did, he was allowed to keep all the presents they brought for his own personal use, not give them to the government, as Presidents do today because the American people pay the expenses.

Roosevelt lived here with his second wife and their 6 children. (The oldest was a child by his first wife, who died when the baby was only a few days old).

He lived here until he died; his wife lived there many more years and eventually the house reverted to the county.

There are extensive grounds to walk on and much beautiful landscaping. The house is going to be painted and restored and the grounds are going to be restored to the way they looked when Roosevelt bought the land.

It's always a pleasant place to visit and to enjoy nature.

the front of the house

By Quentin Roosevelt's gravestone

The brothers are buried in France.

The front wraparound porch

A view of the house from the road.

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it is a beautiful burrow , with a beautiful garden .


Emy-Rose! It's so good to hear from you! Welcome back!

Teddy Roosevelt's house is very beautiful. It was a warm family home for Teddy and his wife Edith and all their children while they were growing up. We like to visit every year or so, just to enjoy the surroundings.

I am so glad that you are joining the bunny community again. Erin and Scotty would be glad. Bienvienue! (Hope I spelt that correctly).

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