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(no subject)
The bear trap!Taken thru the screen
It's a gorgeous day today! Low,low,low humidity, for the first time in over a month!

Perfect day for baking a cake, which I did  for Ken's birthday bbq on Saturday. I bought a chocolate cake and baked a vanilla cake, because our Deb cannot eat chocolate. First time I've baked a cake since Noah was a boy.

We had the pleasure of Louis' company for a week and now he's gone. We had the pleasure of our 3rd son's company for a night and a day and now he's gone. So I am back to walking at the mall in the mornings, with all the other mall-walkers I've missed these past 2 months. It's good to be back in my routine.

Last month, an albino Grackle showed up in our yard, only the 2nd albino bird I've ever seen. (The other was a House Sparrow, some years ago).
I was able to get some nice pics of him.

Also, here's a lovely pattern that Louis made with his earth magnets. (He called it a bear trap, but we unfortunately had no bears to try it out on).

I think I have gotten the low-life, scum hackers out of my account for a while. I can't believe the way some people choose to spend their time. If it happens again, I will just keep trying to stay one step ahead of them. Bah! :-p

Looking forward to a nice weekend with family and another bbq on Tues, Ken's actual birthday, with friends.

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Hoppy Birthday to Mr Uncle Ken!!!

Niece Dame Maddie Bun CBE

Thank you, Dame. I will pass that along to Mr. Uncle Ken.

I bet it's the first time he's had kisses from a Dame on his birthday??

That's exactly right! He's so fortunate to have someone like you to wish him happy birthday!

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