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I LOVE Texas. Next to Montana, it has the emptiest roads in the U.S. Today, we drove for 2 hours and passed 4 cars! We've entered the Mountain Time Zone now, and are enjoying the 2nd of a 25 hour day. (The other was in LA, when we entered the Central Time Zone). We drove to Guadalupe State Park; it was only a hiking park; no nice drives, so we stopped at some overlooks and then headed for New Mexico and Carlsbad Caverns State Park. It being Easter Sunday, the 2 pm guided tour was sold out, so we took a self-guided tour of the cave. It is too early in the year for the sunset swarming of the bats ( hundreds of them leave the cave then to hunt). They are still mainly in Mexico for the winter. We did more overlooks on the way back, walking a few short trails and stopping at rock overhang used as a shelter by the Indians who used to live there. Then we drove back to our campground and relaxed. Tomorrow we go to Roswell, home of the extraterrestials! Van Horn, TXTexas hillsEl Capitan in Guadalupe, once an ocean reefranch sign on the road,about 20' tallCarlsbad, New Mexicoinside the cavehouses built by the CCC in the 30's and the Mexican Yucca. The stalk can weigh as much as 20 pounds!Carlsbad

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Where are all the tin boxes on wheels and traffic jams? The roads look empty.

I look furward to joining you again soon, but I think I'll wait buntil you're far away from the hunting bats.....

Niece Maddie XXXX

There Are no tin boxes to speak of; we had the road to our own tin box. But, don't worry about the bats. They are very tiny, only the size of a 2-foots thumb and they were all still in their caves in Mexico.(=^-^=)

Corr I like the look of that BIG burrow bunderground.

You would love it,Bruno; lots of crevices to hide in. You wouldn't be able to dig, though, because it's all made of stone.^O^

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