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(no subject)
Pygmy bunnies....and someones's cute pet.

There were a few articles about bunnies in our local paper recently. One about the re-introduction of Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits in Washington State and a nice pic of a Holland Lop.

Still very hot here; some fair rainstorms though. In fact, one of them on Sunday ruined our plans to take Louis to the Riverhead Butterfly House and Aquarium, then on the science discovery boat ride out there. Ken and I will probably fo next Sunday, but we can't take Louis, as he returns home this Tuesday eve.

All in all, it was a good weeks visit. Two movies (Captain America, surprisingly good, and Cowboys and Aliens again); two fishing trips on the party boats with Grandpa, with the catching of many fish (yummy) and the winning of two of the pools; getting together with old friends from the time when he lived here and watching t.v., playing a favorite computer game and several card games with me. I hate to see school start; we won't be able to have Louis over very often until the Christmas holidays.

Still tryijng to work out what some evil nefarious hacker has done to my screen name. Can't think of a punishment bad enough for those folks.

Waiting for cooler weather; existing with the a.c. and the fans again. Ten degrees less would be lovely......

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sounds like you all are enjoying life. Keep it up.

want me to hunt up that hacker and snatch them bald-headed?

I always heard that said.. sounds pretty painful to me. might be a fitting punishment.

Hugs, Hare

I'm thinking of even worse punishments. I'm being stonewalled by AOL as I try to change my user name and password. We might to switch to Verizon, as we have the FIOS capacity. Grrrr!

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