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(no subject)
the twin bridges to RMsunset!night skythe water tower
Live journal seems to be back in shape; they have credited everyone's account for time lost. Hackers and attacks happen. I had to change my e-mail address last week because someone co-opted it.

We're going to have our grandson for a week, starting tonight, so we will be having 13-year old fun again!

Still hot but not as humid; we didn't put the a.c. on today for the first time in a couple of weeks. We need a sheet at night again, in the small hours of the morning.

Had enough rain to keep things from dying. Thankfully, not the golf-ball sized hail that came down to the west and east of us the other night.

Here's some pics I took at Robert Moses State Park when Dan did his run recently. It was a perfect night, slight rain and a wonderful sunset.