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(no subject)
It's still very, very hot here; over 100 in the sun. So I'm mostly staying indoors with the a.c.

I go out early in the morn to deadhead and water my flowers and to give the birds some feed and water. The pesky squirrels ate all the feed cups off one of my feeders so that the seed pours right onto the ground. Guess I'll be buying another one, hopefully metal and glass squirrel-proof.

A new food market opened today in our neighborhood, one with no frills and supposedly much lower prices. I'll match it against the prices in my usual store and see if it's worth driving out of my way for. This particular store has been making it's way around the country in the last year or so and seems to do well.

Since I am indoors, I'll post a few nature photos taken when it was still feasible to be outdoors. ^_^

Got some baby Jays with their mom and some of Sue's flowers from her garden. Got her red and white Hibiscus, Tiger Lilies, the last of her roses and a lovely golden DayLily.

Once it cools down some, we'll be outdoors going places again; especially since we're having our grandson over again for a week, starting tomorrow!

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beautiful photos my friend! Thanks for sharing your flowers with us!

Hugs, Hare

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