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(no subject)

Glad to see that LJ has healed itself. I wasn't sure if I had done something to exclude it with my new updated security system.

We watched our son Dan do his first 5K run the other night. at Robert Moses State Park. Part of the Summer Fun Runs. Fortunately, it was misting ever so slightly; really welcome after the heat we've been having.

He ran with about 1400 other people and racked up a personal best time for himself, so he was very pleased. Then he and his wife went for ice cream to celebrate.
We had parked right across from the finish line, so when we knew he would be coming near, we got out of the car and waited for him to arrive. Here's the athlete!Before.......During......Almost there.....Water!After...."I feel good!'

(Still had trouble uploading pics; took about 5 tries each).

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Awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Well Done!

He's been running every morning and he's really getting into shape. Not bad, as he's now 36 and counting. There were people of all ages and in all kinds of shapes running and race-walking and just plan walking the 5K.

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