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Quacker Jack;mascotQuacker Jack's Smoothing out the dirtBirthday boysWebelos and the Flag
Went to the local ball field to get out of the heat and watch the Long Island Ducks play. We ate pizza and Cracker Jacks and peanuts and ice cream. Watched all the family-fun games that get played in between the innings, like: Paint the Canvas With Your Body; Throw Water Balloons at Your Mom; Kick the Football thru the Goal Post; Bury Your Face in a Plate of Whipped Cream.....

And to cap it off, our team won, 8-0!

The ballpark is 15 minutes from home and the tickets cost $11 each, a FAR cry from the Major League teams.

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His name is Quacker Jack, uniform number 00. He does all sorts of fun things with the kids and the adults alike.

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