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The Proud FishermanA bun of another sortBaby Bugs Bunny
Very hot and humid again today, so I'm just taking it easy and staying in the a.c.

Went out to the library early to pick up a few Lee Child novels, namely the Jack Reacher books. I read one recently that I picked up in a campground last year and it was so good I want to read them all.

Most of the main roads around us are in disarray right now, as water piped and gas pipes are being put into the ground all over. Driving on the roads is like a slalom course, weaving between orange cones and watching for the flagman to wave me on.

Our son Dan is entering his first 5K run next Mon. I sure hope its cooled down some by then. We will go and watch and cheer and hand out little cups of water. ^_^

Our grandson left us with a little bunny art and took home some fine Fluke from his fishing trip (along with some tasty Sea Bass).We have a lot of Ken's catch in the freezer waiting to be eaten also. Yum!

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Great Pics! Those fish are makign me hungry!

Take Care and stay cool!

Love, Hare

Sea Bass and Fluke are really nice eating. I'm staying inside for most of the time, with the a.c. Right now, there's a wonderful breeze out; I've opened up the doors and windows and I may go sit on the porch. Ken is fishing with friends and one of our sons on the party boat, so I have the whole night to myself.

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