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(no subject)
Every morning between 3 and 5 I've been seeing the huge bright white star Vega in the Eastern sky. It's part of what's known as the Summer Triangle; the other stars being Denab and Altari. I cannot see them because of the terrain around here. It's like a spotlight in the sky, shining brightly even against the full Moon.

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Love it! only can see street lights here.. (sigh)

That's the most wonderful thing about camping out West; the clarity of the sky and the number of the stars you can see. Actually, when we camp at Montauk, on the easternmost end of Long Island, there are lots of stars to be seen also. Reminds of when I was a child in Queens Village and I could go out in the backyard and look up and see thousands of stars, back in the days before we all had so many electronics in our houses.

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