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(no subject)
My honey and me
As I said on yesterday's Facebook, I was dismayed to read on my profile that my old High School is now a hotbed of crime, patrolled by the police every day. The school was only 3 years old when I went there. Now, half a century later, it's no longer the safe, clean, disciplined environment it was. I despair for a lot of today's generations (which are getting closer and closer together).

On the brighter side, I saw the movie "Super 8" today, a really fun 50's style alien monster movie. My son Brian told me I would enjoly it. He always seems to know what I will like in movies, music, t.v. shows and books.

The Budgie is still eating at my feeders and seems to have survived last nights most welcome drenching rain just fine. (I once had a parakeet who swung around on his perch, dipped his head in his water feeder and died the next day). Since the Budgie was a pet, if he is by himself, he will not fly away when I go outside. He just sits and watches.

Took our grandson to the toy store to look for some Legos and I found a Lego R.V. just for me! I had fun putting it together and I will take the small r.v. with us in our big R.V.

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Legos are such fun! What I want is a view master.. yeah, that's it! . Is that blue parakeet still coming to your feeder?


I thiiiink they might still sell Viewmasters; seems to me I saw one in the toy store a few years ago. Bet they still sell them on e-bay.

The budgie is still around at least once a day. He is so bright against the other birds (mostly grackles and sparrows).

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