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(no subject)

The last flowers to come a-blooming in my garden are my Tiger Lilies and my Black-Eyed-Susans (Rudbeckia). The Cone Flowers are fading and I'll leave them for seeds for the birds and pollen for the butterflies before I cut them back. The Day Lilies are still going strong, with many double and triple buds yet to open. The Stella D'Oro lilies will be done by tomorrow.

But I have some baby birds living in the hedges in our yard and visiting the feeders. And today, as we rode out to water Sue's tree (no rain in a long time again), a young rabbit ran across the road in front of us and disappeared in the woods surrounding the Parkway. Yaaaayy!

Hot again, a.c. on, we are waiting for the r.v. shop to call. We're having a new skylight over the shower put on and a new a.c. cover put on.

Every morning, before dawn, I see the star Vega in the Eastern sky, huge and bright white, even against the full moon. Gorgeous!

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wonderful wonderful photos! I so much enjoy your posts!

Thank you! The parakeet is still eating at my feeders; he's hard to get a pic of because the other birds fly when I open the door and he takes his cue from them. What news on your eye op?

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