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(no subject)

Came downstairs yesterday morn, looked out the door and saw a flash of blue under the bird feeder. I thought I had a rare bird and in a way it was. Someone's parakeet had escaped from it's cage and was happily eating my bird seed. (His pic is a little grainy because I had to take it through the screen, so as not to scare him away).

He flew off after that; I hope he makes out o.k.

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Wow! He is a bit lost! Is your foot still numb?

The lady across the street has parakeets in a cage which she sits out on her front stoop. I don't think he was one of hers, though.

The numbness was in the front of my left leg, from the knee to the ankle, with a tightening strap effect around the front of my ankle. The numbness is receding and the strap effect manifests itself when I sit or recline. I think that it will all disappear eventually. (Fingers crossed). The doc said it's an individual thing. Thanks for asking. ^_^

B has a numb foot. It is not improving!

I hope it does. Has he seen a doctor to find out why it's numb?

at least he got a good meal! Hope he makes it home to his perch!


I been hoping to see him again, but so far he hasn't come back.

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