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(no subject)
The stove is looking good.Catching up to Grandpa in height; caught me already!

Louis and his BuckyBalls (Earth magnets), the strongest little magnets around.

We have our grandson, Louis, with us for this whole week and we are having fun! He's almost 13 now and growing up fast. Got to enjoy every moment before he's too old to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Today he had an old friend from his school days when he lived with us over. Ken's got 2 days of fishing on the fishing boats with him and I plan to take him and his friend to a few movies.

We bought him a badminton set and he's been beating Ken every time they play. (Maybe the age difference has a little to do with it).

I'm so glad that my leg is so much improved, so I can do things with Louis. We don't see him nearly as often as we would wish; middle school takes up a lot of his time. Thank goodness for Summer vacation!


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He is getting so big Auntie, I can't believe how much he has grown!

I know, and he still has about 8 more years of growth left in him!

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