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(no subject)

This is a new road plan thought up by the Town  to make traffic patterns better?????

When this is completed, we will have traffic from 3 major roads all heading into the same area at once. The times of day when this will be wild and crazy will be in the mornings, when everyone is heading to work on the road which runs along the right side of the paper (East/West) and everyone heading to work on the roads running from the left to the right side of the paper (North/South) and again in the evening when the traffic patterns are really heavy.. As it is now, those of us who come  down the side road (me included) have a difficult time getting through the traffic to get onto the main roads, as there is no light and traffic often backs up on the main road for some blocks. When the increased traffic caused by cars coming off the newly-being-built exit from the Parkway (next to the side road) are added to the mix, I may have to go the long way around just to get off my block! Wonder whose big idea this was?!  Your town government in action! :-p